Halloween Cat Balloon Animal How To

How to make a black Halloween Cat Balloon Animal
By: Holly Hopper

Hey guys!  We're getting closer to a very important holiday this month!  

My Birthday!

Oh, you were expecting a different holiday?  Well alright, I guess we can do more Halloween themed balloon animals.  

I came up with this balloon animal last week when I was experimenting with a few ideas for what I should make videos on this month.  I wasn't sure if I liked this balloon cat or not.  I got to test it out at a few Birthday Parties this past weekend and I'll just say this - I could not get away with just making one of these cats. Once I made one of them more people came up to me with their iphones in hand showing me pictures of their cats at home and asking me to make them!

Thus I am declaring this a successful balloon animal design that will impress your family members, friends, children and customers. 

Stay tuned for the next few episodes where I'll show you how to take this simple cat balloon animal and turn it into an impressive Halloween balloon centerpiece!

Thank you all so much for watching, I hope that you all are enjoying these balloon animal how to videos as much as I enjoy making them!  Can you tell my video skills are slowly getting better?

To learn how to twist this balloon animal you will need:
2 black 260Q's
1 gray 260Q
1 yellow 260Q