Easy Bunny Balloon Animal

How to make a bunny balloon animal
By: Holly Hopper

This bunny rabbit is one of the first balloon animal designs I came up with on my own after beginning to twist "professionally".  I guess you're a professional once starts paying you to do something, right?

The truth of the matter is, people love this balloon, you really can't go wrong with it.  Both boys and girls have asked me for bunnies and they are always delighted when I finish drawing the eyes on this one, turn it around so they can see, and hand it to them with a big, "Ta Daa!".

It's a great balloon animal for all year round, not just around easter.  I hope that you'll enjoy learning how to make this great balloon animal!  Let me know how you did in the comments, or share your favorite bunny balloon design!


To learn how to make this balloon animal you will need:
1 white 260Q
2 260Q balloons in your favorite color
1 260Q Scrap for the nose.