How to make a Cat out of balloons

How to make a simple Cat balloon animal
By: Holly Hopper

I was never very impressed with the 1 balloon cat I was taught growing up.

I owned a few balloon animal books as a kid and they all had the same 1 balloon cat instructions, and I really never thought it looked much like a cat anyway.  Plus if you didn't space everything out just right, you'd end up with no tail or a really short/fat/about to explode tail.

I came up with this design a few years back when I couldn't bear the thought of trying to make that 1 balloon cat for another customer!

This one is actually simpler to make and it actually looks like a cat!

Kids love it when you use more than 1 balloon to make their creation.  The multiple colors on this cat really help to dress it up and kids love getting to pick what color their cat is going to be.

I hope you guys enjoy this video, please let me know what you think of it!

To learn how to make this balloon animal you will need:
1 260Q balloon in any color
1 white 260Q