How to make a Cow Balloon Animal

Learn how to make a cow out of balloons
By: Holly Hopper

This is another original balloon creation I think I came up with on the spot while working in a restaurant.

Being so close to Austin, TX there are a lot of Longhorn fans here so I do get asked for longhorns and cows pretty often.  This design looks great in orange and white! Do they make burnt orange balloons?

I love putting some reallly long horns on this cow balloon animal, but you can completely leave the horns off if you'd like and it still looks like a pretty cute cow.  You can say it's a girl cow and put a bow on it's ear :)

Now, I still have yet to figure out a good balloon to make for all the Aggie fans that live here too, why do they have such a weird mascot?

To learn how to make this balloon animal you will need:
3 260Q Balloons in your favorite  color
1 black 260Q for the ears
1 pink 6" heart for the nose