Long Neck Dinosaur Balloon How To

Long Neck Dinosaur Balloon How To
By: Holly Hopper

This is a special request from some one who wanted to learn how to make this a longneck dinosaur out of balloons.

Long necks were always my favorite growing up. I had a fascination with dinosaurs and I still remember my pre-school. There was a play room where we would play every day and every single day I would go to the corner where the dinosaur toys were and play with a plastic long neck dinosaur toy.  I'll blame the movie "Land Before Time" which was so sad but I still loved it anyway! That movie also let me to believe that dinosaurs affectionately licked their newborn babies like dogs.

Anyway, back to the subject here, ahem, er, let me grab a tissue real quick...
So, I don't often get asked to make this balloon for kids, usually when I say I can make a dinosaur they all want it to be a T-Rex.  It is nice to know how to make this one though, just so you're ready the next time some one asks you for a long neck dinosaur balloon animal.
Thank you guys for watching my videos, really means a lot to me! I would love to hear what you thought of this balloon how to!  Let me know in the comments! Thank you!

To learn how to make this balloon animal you will need:
2 green 260Q's
1 yellow 260Q
1 white 5inch round