Learn how to make Dracula out of balloons!

Vampire Balloon Animal
By: Holly Hopper

Welcome to my very first balloon tutorial on youtube!

I started making balloon how to videos mostly for myself so that I could remember new designs I came up with.

I knew if I didn't take a picture at the very least that I would forget this Dracula balloon animal by the time next Halloween rolled around.

Hence, the start of an amazing channel on youtube where I've met so many other wonderful balloon artists!

Thank you all for watching my videos, boy have they progressed since some of my earlier videos!

It is fun to go back and see how far things have come since I first started making videos and knew absolutely nothing about cameras or video editing. I've learned so much already and am so excited to continue learning more and making better quality content for you guys!

Ok, now on to the Vampire balloon dude!

To learn how to make this balloon animal you will need:
1 Dracula head balloon
2 black 260Q's
1 white 260Q
1 red 260Q