How to twist wearable balloon flowers

Flower balloon how to
By: Holly Hopper

I just realized while going through and updating all my youtube videos and transferring them to this new website that I don't have a regular balloon flower tutorial!  Will have to make a note to do one soon!

So this balloon flower is inspired by a newsletter column I read on balloonhq over 5 years ago that I can't find anymore.  I had to try a couple times before I actually remembered how to make this.  Now I've got it on video so I can always come back and remind myself how to make this :)

For this video I also introduced a few fun ways that you can wear your balloons.  It's possible to turn any balloon animal into a hat using headbands but you can also clip them to your clothing using little metal hair clips that are really cheap and easy to find at Wal-mart.

Let me know what you guys think of this video and if you'll be wearing your balloons more often now!

To learn how to twist this balloon flower you will need:
3 260Q's in your favorite colors