How to make a Frankenstein Balloon

Learn how to make Frankenstein out of balloons for Halloween
By: Holly Hopper

Today I would like to introduce you all to the latest of my twisted creations, Frank!

I honestly didn't thinkn I would ever do a how to video on a balloon Frankenstein because I though it would be too difficult of a balloon sculpture.  I like to keep my free tutorials on balloon animals that are quick but still cute and original.  

When I asked my facebook friends what kinds of balloon tutorials they'd like to see for Halloween, I got a lot of people requesting Frankenstein.  I started thinking about different ways I could go about make a quick Frankenstein that would actually look like Frankenstein.  

Slowly some ideas started coming together in my head and I tried him out one day.  I think my initial attempt turned out pretty good, but I wanted to make some tweaks to make him even better looking and faster to make.

Now I'm pretty happy with this balloon Frankenstein, I would love to hear your thoughts on him!  There are so many ways you could add more details and colors to him if you wanted to really impress some one also!

Let me know if you get a chance to make this Frankenstein balloon for Halloween this year, I can't wait to hear about it!

To learn how to twist this balloon Frankenstein  you will need:
3 black 260Q's
1 lime green 260Q
1 white 260Q
1 gray 260Q