How to make a Frog Balloon Animal

How to make a Frog Balloon Animal
By: Holly Hopper

I just love this cute little frog balloon animal design so much!

I still get excited to make him even though I've probably made hundreds of frog balloons over the years.  

He is just so fun and unique with his big frog tongue sticking out, my customers are always so happy to get one of these little guys.

There are a lot of other great frog balloon designs out there, I would love to hear what frog balloon design is your favorite!  Do you have a quick version and a longer version that you make depending on how much time  you have at a gig?

I use to do a frog that was with all 160Q balloons but I switched to this version a while ago.  Not sure I can even remember the 160Q frog, see that's why I need to make videos of all my designs, or I'll forget them!

Hope you enjoy this frog balloon animal tutorial.  Let me know what you think of it!

To learn how to make this balloon animal you will need:
2 lime green 260Q's
1 red 260Q
1 white 5inch round