Make a Wearable balloon WITCH costume!

Balloon Witch Costume - Witch Hat Balloon How To
By: Holly Hopper

I have to admit I'm not really a big halloween fan.  I like dressing up in costume but I can do that all year, and I don't like scary stuff or dressing up as anything scary so all the gore and demonics that come out for Halloween just kind of turn me off!

But I do like a challenge and I was challenged to come up with a balloon witch hat!  I never tried making one before and assumed it would be some really cheesy looking triangle hat or something :) 

Luckily I recently ordered a bag of solid colored bee body balloons so I could make spaceships (*video idea!*) and there just so happened to be some black balloons in the assortment and I think they are perfect for making cute little balloon witch hats!

I had to add a bow to mine to make it less "witchy" and more "cutesy" cause that's how I roll.  You can feel free to decorate your own hat however you like!

I hope that you guys like this balloon how to video and that you get some good use out of it this coming Halloween season! Let me know what you think of this design and if you're able to make it for any customers!

To learn how to twist this balloon costume you will need:
1 black 321Q
1 black 260Q
1 lilac 260Q
1 yellow 260Q

To twist the broom balloon you will need:
2 mocha brown 260Q's
2 yellow 260Q's