How to make a horse balloon animal

How to make a horse balloon animal
By: Holly Hopper

I have always loved horses, especially ponies - I was an avid My Little Pony collector in the past - shhhhh...

I've been making this horse balloon animal using this design for a long time.  I am not totally in love with it but it works and I haven't been able to come up with anything better yet.

When I do design a better looking horse balloon that is also quick and easy and doesn't require some really strange balloons I will of course make a video on it and share it with you guys!

Thank you so much for continuing to watch my videos, the youtube channel is really starting to grow, I'm a little surprised actually!  This all started off as a way for me to record ideas I had so I wouldn't forget them over time, but turns out there's quite a few of you out there who are interested in how to make balloon animals as well! Who knew!?

I hope you guys enjoy this balloon animal, please let me know what you think of it and if you have a horse balloon animal that you like better!  I'm interested to hear about it!

To learn how to make this balloon animal you will need:
2 260Q Balloons in any color