How to make a Penguin Balloon Animal

Penguin Balloon Animal How To
By: Holly Hopper

Now that's a lot of Penguin Balloon Animals!When I think about making balloon animals, I think about Penguins.

This little guy has by far been our most popular balloon animal, EVER! Especially popular working in restaurants, I owe a lot of the success of our business to this humble Penguin balloon animal.

He's pretty quick and simple to make, and always gets a great reaction from whomever you're making him for.

Dress him up with a little bow tie and people seriously just can't resist.

I hope you enjoy making this penguin balloon animal and that he brings you as many gigs and success as he's brought me!

To learn how to make this balloon animal you will need:

1 white 260Q 
1 black 260Q
1 orange 260Q