How to make a Princess Balloon Character

How to make a Princess Balloon Character
By: Holly Hopper

I *love* it when kids ask me to make them a princess at Birthday parties!

I always ask them who their favorite princess is and then adapt this design to make it look like which ever princess they said was their favorite.

I get the biggest smiles from little girls when I am finally done with their balloon and hand them their very own princess, they are always delighted!

I love this design because all you really have to do is change the colors a bit and you have a completely different princess.

I hope you enjoy this balloon animal tutorial, let me know if you found it usefu and what princesses you were able to make using this design!

To learn how to make this balloon character you will need:
1 yellow 260Q
1 blush 260Q
1 pink 260Q
1 white 260Q