Learn how to make a Shark balloon animal!

Learn how to make a Shark balloon animal!
By: Holly Hopper

This is my last video while at the beach and I though what better time to teach you how to make a balloon shark than while I'm at the beach!?  

I'd been playing around with different ways to make sharks for a long time and I am finally happy with this design (*I think*). He is a mash up of several different ideas trying to make him not look too similar to the dolphin but not too difficult so that he would still be a quick and impressive balloon animal to make at birthday parties.

This is a fun balloon shark that you can learn how to make look as mean or funny as you like.  Careful that he doesn't turn on you and attack you after you make him though!

Thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoy these balloon animal videos!

To learn how to twist this balloon animal you will need:
3 gray 260Q's
1 white 260Q
1 red 5inch round