How to make a Stingray balloon animal!

How to make a Stingray balloon animal!
By: Holly Hopper

I am still at the beautiful beaches of South Padre Island, TX for this video and thought it would be fun to make a sting ray for you guys!

I also wanted to see how cool he would look floating on the surf onto the beach, and he did look pretty good!  I never knew how hard it would be to twist balloon animals at the ocean - let me tell you I do not recommend it!

The humidity makes the balloon sticky almost immediately and they become very difficult to work with!  You have about 2 minutes before they start getting difficult to twist.  

It was fun to give this Stingray balloon to a random kid playing in our hotel's pool when we were done shooting with. I just LOVE how balloons animals can ALWAYS get a smile out of kids!

Let me know how you like this balloon animal design and if anyone's ever asked you for a Stingray balloon!

To learn how to twist this balloon animal you will need: