How to make a Turtle Balloon Animal

How to make a Turtle Balloon Animal
By: Holly Hopper

I still remember the day I came up with this turtle balloon animal.

I was working in a restaurant and was tired of the basic 1 balloon turtle bracelet that I had been making for people.  It was ok, but not something I was really proud of.

So the next time some one asked me for a turtle I came up with this design on the spot and have been using it ever since.

If you add a tongue sticking out of his mouth people really love it!

I know there are some other great turtle balloon animal designs out there and would love to hear how you guys make turtle balloon animals!  Leave a comment or better yet, post a video response to my video on Youtube!

Let me know if you enjoyed this balloon how to video! Thank you!

To learn how to make this balloon animal you will need:
1 brown 260Q
2 green 260Q's
1 white 5inch round