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Anyone who has ever tried using a menu as a balloon artist knows of the many benefits that come along with displaying a picture board of your offerings at your events.

  • Your event line moves faster and more efficiently
  • Event attendees are happy to be presented with options
  • Miscommunications from language barriers, loud environments and “toddler speak” are a thing of the past
  • Artists are more confident knowing they won’t have to disappoint guests who may come up with time-consuming requests or try to “stump” them

The problem with using a menu is finding images that look like the balloon designs you will be creating.  This is when it would be a great time to have the skill and knowledge to be able to create your own images! 

In this course I show you exactly, step-by-step, how to simply trace your photographs to create high-quality professional cartoon-style graphics of your work.

 Not only will you be able to use the skills you’ll learn in this course to create amazing graphics of your work, you’ll also have a new marketable skill that can earn you an additional stream of income for your business!

Selling digital files is a great way to earn residual income online.  I’ll show you in this course how to sell your artwork online so you can earn money on weekdays, while you’re sleeping, vacationing etc.  I absolutely LOVE selling digital products and I’m so excited to show you the ropes!

So if you’re ready to learn a new skill, be the artist everyone in your area wants to book or start an additional stream of income for your business, make sure you get registered for a spot right away!

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This course is packed with value!

Module 1 - (2 lessons): I’ll introduce you to the course, give you some pointers and tips for best practices and show you how to navigate inside of the course and get to all the information you’ll need

Module 2 – (5 lessons): We get started with going in depth on the tools that we’ll be using and getting you setup with the right program that we’ll be using to draw all of our designs. I walk you through this process each step of the way!

Module 3 – (3 lessons): Start drawing your first images! This module is specifically for students who will be using their computer’s mouse to draw with. This course is absolutely for anyone, no fancy extra equipment needed!

Module 4 – (5 lessons): The lessons in this module get a little more in-depth and are geared towards users who are drawing with a touchscreen or drawing tablet device. (Students drawing with their computer’s mouse can also follow along once they’ve gone through Module 3).

Module 5 – (2 lessons): We dive into the details that finish off our designs! Plus I give you templates that you can use to copy/paste faces, eyes, and other details onto your images to save you countless hours!  You’ll also receive templates you can use to quickly create wands, headbands, bracelets and more!

Bonus Lessons!

Bonus #1 – I’m going to show you the method I use to quickly remove the backgrounds from my photos so you can isolate your balloon images from any messy backgrounds, give them transparent bakcgrounds and use them on your website or marketing materials.

Bonus #2 – We’re going to discuss where and how to sell your artwork for recurring, passive income!  I’ll show you what I’ve used and what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Bonus #3 -   Learn my favorite method and programs to use to take my clipart images and lay them out in perfect grids quickly for a print-ready menu that's professional and eye-catching in no time!

PLUS! Each lesson comes with downloadable supplemental materials including the photos you need to follow along with each lesson, my completed adobe illustrator files, cheat sheets, template files and more to give you everything you need to succeed!

ALSO you get access to our private support group where you can ask questions, show off your work and mastermind with others who are taking the same course!

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Signing up is quick and easy and you'll get immediate access to the full course for you to explore and go through at your own pace.


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