Paid 2 Party Bundle

Every Twister's DREAM PACK of printable resources to make your work more enjoyable.  Take control of your line and get out on-time, every time!



Separate yourself from the competition with these print-ready resources that will help you stand out among your peers as a true balloon professional.


Stop worrying about not being able to create your guest's  desired balloon animal.  You can feel prepared and confident with every request!


When you know you have a system and process in place to get out on time, you can enjoy your job instead of stressing over how to escape from it!

Print-Ready Menus

Print and go! These menus are already designed and formatted for you, so all you have to do is print them and head to your event! You get a Holiday Linework Menu, a Fall Festival Menu and an Everyday Linework Menu.

Packing / Supply Lists

Don't show up to your event without a balloon you need to make a character on your menu! Use our handy checklists that we've created to go with each menu so you can quickly make sure you have everything you need to party confidently!

Print Your Own Eye Stickers

Sharpie Art slowing your down? Not happy with your artwork? Stickers too expensive? Problem solved! You can easily print your own eye stickers with our template files and round labels available at any office store or online. Print as many as you need, over and over again, for pennies!

Signs & Tickets

These simple signs can make such a big difference in how much you enjoy your work and finally stop you from working for free! You get line-ending signs, start & end time signs, and two different styles of balloon tickets you can print at home!

Tutorials Galore!

If you're not sure how to make one of the designs on our menus - dont worry! We've got you covered with easy to follow tutorials!


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