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My Dream of Time and Financial Freedom came true - with balloons!

Balloons were a hobby I loved since my childhood, but I had no idea that they would one day set me free as an adult to pursue my dream and passion of doing work that I really loved that would also bless and help others with the same dreams!

It all started by sharing what I was learning through video tutorials on youtube. I had no idea what those videos would lead to, I just wanted to document how to make some of my favorite balloon animals, mostly so I could refence back to them myself if I ever forgot a design.

Meanwhile I was getting busier and busier with our local party entertainment business where I made balloon animals at birthday parties, corporate events and holiday fairs and festivals.  In fact, we got so busy, I had to network with other balloon artists and face painters in our area to help us fulfill all our bookings!

I loved being able to set my own schedule, make my own rules and all the other benefits that come with working for yourself!

I even started designing my own clothing so I could wear fun balloon animal themed shirts, leggings and dresses to my events which only helped to bring us even more bookings!  Business was booming!

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When I met my soon-to-be husband in 2015, I knew things might be changing for my business if I pursued this relationship.  He was in the Air Force and that most likely meant a move would be in my future!  It was time to shift my business focus to something I could do from anywhere!

I began doubling down on teaching all that I had learned from my years of party entertaining to other balloon artists and hobbyists.  I created resources and guides that would help them have success in their businesses faster and more efficiently.  We did more tutorials, more training and created more products to help other artists create the type of business that I had enjoyed running for so many years!


Now I'm proud to run a vibrant membership for balloons artists where I can focus on creating helpful tools and resources for my members each week.    We get to discuss all aspects of running a balloon entertainment business, including how to pivot and adapt to the ever-changing offline and online worlds we currently find ourselves in.

Balloons are still my passion, our community is my inspiration and this has been the dream job adventure of a lifetime!

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